Southern's Clean Initiative

Now more than ever,  there is a need for peace of mind when it comes to cleanliness and sanitation in a property. Southern’s Clean Initiative is a thorough plan to ensure a clean and sanitary stay is in place for our guests and our owners. We are committed to focusing on the health and safety of our guests, employees, owners, and communities.

Your Space

In addition to our standard cleans prior to each guest's arrival, we will also be utilizing glanHEALTH, a safe surface sanitation treatment approved by regulatory authorities to effectively eliminate 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens through physical, chemical, and DNA disruption. We will be using this product not only during these times, but also after every departure as an ongoing part of our routine cleaning strategy as well. This product is non-hazardous and non-toxic, providing protection against all organisms on both hard and soft surfaces for up to 28 days.

Clean Coverlet

Our Clean Coverlet Program provides fresh and clean coverlets that are professionally laundered and changed with each reservation. These white microfiber quilted coverlets are lightweight and designed to provide a comfortable bedding experience. Guests can rest assured the coverlets in the property they are staying in are all laundered according to professional-grade standards approved by the CDC. 

Due to stricter cleaning protocols, we are unable to provide blankets for our beds. Only sleeper sofas will be supplied with blankets. Sheets and coverlets are still provided.


Southern is proud to partner with Surfside Commercial Laundry to provide a high standard of clean when it comes to our bedsheets and towels. Surfside Laundry utilizes environmentally-friendly products from EcoLab to ensure all linens and towels are thoroughly sanitized. Surfside's specs include wash temperatures set at 165 degrees, dryer temperatures between 120-180 degrees, and all flatwork subject to 212 degrees to remove any retained moisture. Surfside is also working within a cross-contamination prevention strategy within the CDC guidelines. All washers, dryers, and carts are sanitized, and one person is responsible for loading washers. Personnel is also isolated to specific areas to prevent cross-contamination as well. 

As an extra measure of confidence, we will also be using Clothesline Fresh, a Spartan® laundry additive, that neutralizes harmful germs and viruses. This fabric softener also sanitizes, killing 99.9% of bacteria while leaving sheets, coverlets, and towels soft and subtle.