Travel Insurance

A Gulf Coast beach vacation is a financial investment, and like any investment, you will want to protect it. That’s why Southern Vacation Rentals offers optional CSA Vacation Rental Insurance, sometimes referred to as cancellation insurance. We highly recommend purchasing this travel protection as it provides a significant level of coverage when unexpected circumstances threaten your Gulf Coast getaway.

CSA Vacation Rental Insurance takes care of you before, during and after your vacation. Our travel insurance plans cover you door to door – from the day after you buy your policy until you return home. All plans include CSA’s renowned 24-Hour Emergency Assistance Service for worldwide help whenever and wherever needed.

This travel protection plan protects your deposit and any monies paid in the event you are unable to take your vacation. Covered events include cancellation due to sickness or injury, layoff, termination of previously granted military leave and adverse weather, including hurricanes. Other benefits include pre-existing medical conditions, identity theft and travel delays.

You have ten (10) days to decline the CSA Vacation Rental Insurance. To opt-out, you must sign and return the Refusal of Travel Insurance form included with your reservation confirmation.

For more information on included coverages, please see our travel insurance coverage PDF.