The Pensacola Bushwacker Festival

It’s almost time for the 2011 Bushwacker Festival on Pensacola Beach! The bushwacker is a Pensacola favorite – so much so they created an entire 3 day festival to celebrate it. Wondering what a “bushwacker” is exactly? It’s a creamy, delicious adult beverage containing everything from rum to vanilla ice cream.

Just because the drink happens to be for adults only doesn’t mean the festival is too. From August 5-7, 2011 there will be many activities for the entire family to enjoy.  Located at Jubilee’s restaurant on Quietwater Boardwalk, the festival will feature live music from two stages, great food and, of course, the Pensacola Bushwacker. For the runners in the family, take part in the Bushwacker 5K and sign the kids up for the one mile fun run.