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The undersigned is applying for reasonable accommodation for the service animal during their stay at that certain short-term vacation property managed by Southern Vacation Rentals, Inc. (the “Management Company”). The undersigned applicant acknowledges his/her disability is not reasonably apparent and the requested information is provided to allow the Management Company to review and provide accommodation for a service animal.

1. IDENTIFICATION OF SERVICE ANIMAL. I am requesting accommodation for the following ADA service animal:

Animal’s Name: ________________________________________
Type of Animal: _____ (DOG) or _____ (MINIATURE HORSE)
Breed: ____________________
Weight: ____________________
Age: ____________________
Color: ____________________

2. WRITTEN CERTIFICATION AS TO SERVICE ANIMAL. The undersigned, hereby certifies, states, represents, and affirms to the property owner, the owner/condominium association, and the property Management Company that the following statements and information are true and correct:

a. The service animal identified above is required because of my (or my minor child or ward’s) existing disability.

b. The service animal identified above has been trained to perform the following work or task for the disabled person (please describe): ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

c. The above certification is given for the use and benefit of the property owner; condominium or owner association; and the Management Company.

3. Supporting Documents. Applicants are encouraged to voluntarily provide documentation from a healthcare provider in support of the necessity for the service animal, but such documentation is not a requirement.

4. Notice of Laws Regarding Misrepresentation of a Service Animal. Applicant acknowledges that under Florida and Alabama law it is a crime to misrepresent the qualification for use of a service animal.

5. Applicant Representations. By signing this Application the Applicant acknowledges and represents the Management Company has not requested or required any information about the Applicant’s (or any persons) specific disability; has not requested or required any medical records; has not requested or required any special identification card or training certificate for the service animal; and has not requested or required any demonstration of ability of the service animal to perform any work or task.

6. Circumstances of Request to Remove a Service Animal. Applicant acknowledges and agrees that Applicant can be asked to remove his or her service animal from the vacation rental property if:

a. The animal is out of control and the handler does not take effective action to control the animal;
b. The animal is not housebroken;
c. The animal is determined to pose a direct threat to the health and safety of others based on individual assessment and objective evidence of the specific animal’s conduct.

7. Hold Harmless. In the event the Management Company approves this application for accommodation for the service animal identified herein, but the owner/condominium association disapproves or requires the animal to be removed from the vacation rental property, Applicant agrees to hold the Management Company harmless and agrees to look solely to the condominium/owner association for any/all compensation, liability, or claims under applicable law.

8. Proof of Vaccinations; Compliance with Local Animal Control and Public Health & Safety Laws. If this Application is approved, Applicant agrees to and shall provide Management Company upon request with proof that all vaccinations are current for the service animal.

9. Liability for Damages. Applicant acknowledges and agrees to be fully responsible for the full cost of replacement and/or repair of any/all damages caused by the service animal. Upon move-out, Applicant agrees to be responsible for the full cost of a professional flea extermination treatment, cleaning, and deodorizing of the vacation rental property. This provision applies to all parts of the vacation rental property unit including, but without limitation, all carpets, floors, doors, walls, drapes, wallpaper, windows, screens, furniture, appliances, as well as landscaping, yards, and other outside improvements. Applicant agrees to fully indemnify owner/landlord and Management Company for any damage arising out of injury to any person or another animal or pet by the service animal.

Applicant has signed this Application and provided the additional documentation and information voluntarily and free from any coercion, intimidation, threat or interference by or from Southern Residential Leasing, Inc., landlord/owner, or any other person(s).

____________________________________ Date: ________________________
Applicant’s Signature

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