Manatee Sighting

This weekend I read in the Northwest Florida Daily News that some people have spotted manatees swimming along the Emerald Coast. These particular ones were in hip-deep water near Fred Gannon Rocky Bayou State Park, just north of Destin. There were apparently two of them. The spotter called the FWC wildlife hotline after her manatee sighting and was told that there were five breeding manatees near Destin. I am particularly interested because several weeks ago my daughter told me she saw two at the beach in Crystal Beach at James Lee Park where she and some friends were longboarding. At first she could not identify what they were , but as she drew closer, from shore this time, she excitedly decided them to be manatees. Now I have been in this area for years and have contemplated many times traveling to central Florida to view these gentle creatures, but never have. I would love to see some for myself.

According to Andy Garrett, a biologist with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Manatees do visit local waters infrequently during the summer. Read the article by Wendy Victora in The Daily News on-line.