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Gulf Shores and Fort Morgan both offer the warm temperatures and brilliant blue skies you have come to expect when on vacation to Alabama’s Gulf Coast. Most of the year, your packing list will definitely require plenty of shorts, sunglasses, sandals and swimsuits while staying with us in a beach home or condo.

The weather in Gulf Shores and Fort Morgan begins to heat up early in March, this is when temperatures typically begin hitting the mid-60’s to high-70’s on a consistent basis and Spring steadily heats up from then on. Evenings in the spring may require a light jacket, although the days are generally sunny and warm. During the summer months, however, leave that coat at home! The hottest month to vacation in Gulf Shores and Fort Morgan is July, but temps begin reaching the high-80’s in late May.

Fall temperatures on the Gulf Coast are still high enough to make for long pleasant days along the beaches, but the weather is a bit more temperate and less humid. While nights can be on the chilly side, things do not really begin to cool down on our beaches until late October or early November. The coldest time of year to visit is the month of January. If coming for a winter visit, plan to layer and bring a heavier coat for at night.

No matter what month you vacation in Gulf Shores or Fort Morgan there is one item that will always need to be included on your packing list – sunscreen! Sunburns can be easily achieved along our coast, even if you are not on the beach or if it is a cold day. Sunburns can also quickly ruin an otherwise perfect vacation. Check our local forecast before packing, and we hope you enjoy your stay in a Southern condo or beach home in Gulf Shores and Fort Morgan!