Weather in Perdido Key

The weather in Perdido Key, Florida is typically mild and enjoyable all year long. The coldest month of the year is January, but it is not unlikely to see temperatures in the high fifties to low sixties during the day. A light winter coat may be needed during the winter months, with a light jacket being appropriate for the evenings in the Spring.

Traditionally, Spring comes early here on the Gulf Coast and temperatures begin rising into the low seventies in early March, continue into the high seventies in April and by May have reached the balmy eighties. Summer officially arrives in June with temperatures into the nineties making for perfect days spent swimming, snorkeling, and splashing in the pools. While the temperature may be mild along the beautiful Gulf Coast, please remember to take all safety precautions while enjoying your stay in a Perdido Key vacation.

Regardless of temperature, sunscreen is essential everyday. Please stay aware of swimming and weather conditions, as the normally calm Gulf of Mexico can become quite rough very quickly. Southern Vacation Rentals wants you to safely enjoy your Perdido Key vacation.