Weather in Pensacola Beach

Pensacola Beach, Florida enjoys a wonderful subtropical climate, one of the area’s finest assets. The average annual temperate is 67.2 degrees, with the coldest month being January and the warmest being August. While the area has year-long mild temperatures, you will catch a fleeting glimpse of all four seasons.

A light winter coat may be needed in the colder months, while just a light jacket will get you through the early spring and late fall evenings. If you’re traveling for sunshine, though, there is never a bad time to visit as Pensacola Beach boasts an average of 343 days of sunshine per year. Please remember that no matter what time of year you’re visiting or the temperature, sunscreen is needed every day.

Please be aware of all surf and weather warnings, as the normally lovely weather and calm Gulf of Mexico can become rough very quickly. Southern Vacation Rentals wants you to have a safe and enjoyable Pensacola Beach vacation!