Fort Walton Beach Weather

The climate on Northwest Florida’s Gulf Coast is one of our best assets. Our Fort Walton Beach weather creates a great year round vacation destination. The warm summer days on the coast feel just a little cooler with the gentle breezes off the Gulf of Mexico. The beautiful emerald green waters provide a refreshing relief. Our busiest time on the coast is summer, which brings many families eager to take advantage of the summer break from school to stay in wonderful Fort Walton Beach condos.

Less crowded are our spring and fall seasons. Spring also hosts many families getting their first glimpse of warmth and trekking to the beach. Even with cooler water temperatures, it’s a lure many north of Florida cannot resist. Sensational weather still exists in the fall, although it is less traveled, probably making it, as well as winter, one of the most beautiful times on the beach. These times also offer some great events and festivals on the coast. The moderate weather provides the perfect backdrop for these events and year round water sports.

With all seasons, please be safe and aware of the weather conditions. Sunscreen is a must, even on overcast days. Our white sand reflects and magnifies the effect of exposure. Our Gulf, while usually mellow, can have rip currents, localized flows of water moving out to sea from the beach. Fort Walton Beach uses a flag system to warn of unsafe swimming conditions. Please always be aware and be safe!