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Fairhope Fishing

If you love to fish, choose to stay in Fairhope and explore the teeming waters of Mobile Bay! Reel in the big one from the pier of your Fairhope vacation home rental or climb aboard a chartered fishing boat.

The local waters of Fairhope boast many fish, but the most popular include Speckled Trout, Red Fish and Flounder. The Triple Tail and White Trout are also fun, and delicious, options. Seasons for each species vary so plan your vacation to Alabama’s Gulf Coast accordingly.

Another great fishing option to consider is the slower pace of kayak fishing. Call Alabama Coastal Outdoors and let them lead you to their lucky fishing holes along the shore. Or, plan your trip sometime between May and September to catch jubilee season and try gigging from the shoreline as Flounder, shrimp, eels and more make their way to the shallows of Mobile Bay.

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