Destin Florida Weather

Destin Florida weather offers a moderate climate year round with a few seasonal exceptions.

In the summer can get quite warm with temperatures ranging from the high seventies to nineties. As the temperature spikes, what better place is there to be than at the beach? Our refreshing Gulf of Mexico lures beach goers from all over the world. With families visiting during their summer break, it is still the most popular time for vacationers. It is also a season of afternoon showers, which many find refreshing. They come and go quickly and offer another picturesque view of the Gulf as a summer storm comes along.

Destin’s spring and fall offer a gentler climate and during these times more visitors are recognizing the beauty of less crowded beaches and the emergence of more festivals and events.

Destin’s winters invite guests from the north to bask in the sunshine with average temperatures from low forties to mid-sixties. While the water may be too cool for swimming in the winter, the Gulf can still be enjoyed year round with other activities. When swimming, please use good judgment and obey the lifeguards and flag warning system for swimming in the Gulf of Mexico.

Regardless of the season, the beach remains beautiful to behold and you should always remember your sunscreen! So now that you are familiar with the seasons along the Gulf Coast, search our Destin Florida vacation rentals.