Uncovering History in Fort Morgan

A Guide to the History of Fort Morgan

Uncovering History in Fort Morgan

Fort Morgan, Alabama has been a longtime favorite destination for visitors. Located on a peaceful stretch of land just west of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach at the mouth of Mobile Bay, Fort Morgan offers vacationers the chance to unwind and relax. If you’re looking to unplug on vacation, this is the place for you!

However, Fort Morgan is more than a relaxing place to visit on vacation. The history of Fort Morgan is quite rich, as it was an active fort during the Civil War, Spanish-American War, and both World Wars. The structure is still standing today and now serves as a historical site open to the public. In between splashing in the emerald waves or lounging in your Fort Morgan vacation rental, give the kids a little history lesson at the beach and take a trip to visit the fort. History buffs, this is the destination for you!

Want to learn more? Read on below for a quick lesson on the history of Fort Morgan.

The History of Fort Morgan, Alabama

Spanning nearly 500 acres, construction began on Fort Morgan in 1819 and wasn’t completed until 1834. The fort is known as the guardian of Mobile Bay, having played a key role during the Battle of Mobile Bay as part of the Civil War in 1864. Following a two-week siege, the fort was surrendered to Union forces. The attack on Fort Morgan is known as one of the most intense bombardments recorded during the Civil War.

The Battle of Mobile Bay is Fort Morgan’s most highlighted role, but the fort has seen other wars as well. It was Alabama’s largest permanent military post between 1900 and 1923, serving during the Spanish-American War and World Wars I and II. During WWI, over 2,000 troops were stationed at the fort. It served a coast defense post during WWII, occupied by the U.S. Navy and 50th Coast Artillery Regiment. In 1946, it was turned over to the State of Alabama for use as a historical site. Now, the area is as peaceful as can be. Not only can you go get a great history lesson, but the site also has nature walks, a boat launch, a picnic area, and calming beaches.

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