Get Ready for the Blue Angels!

Learn More about the Blue Angels Practice Schedule & Air Shows

Get Ready for the Blue Angels!

Have you ever visited the Pensacola Beach area and seen planes fly over in a beautifully executed pattern? It was the Blue Angels! This group of high-flying heroes is a part of the U.S. Navy based in Pensacola. They are stationed at Forrest Sherman Field and have been a part of the area’s history for years. Locals and visitors alike flock to the beaches to watch them perform. Trust us when we say, their practices and air shows are something the whole family will enjoy. To make sure you get to experience this piece of Pensacola history, we have provided information on the Blue Angels practice schedule and air show dates below.

You can view the Blue Angels from practically any beach in Pensacola. However, there are a few specific vacation rentals in Pensacola Beach, FL that get a spectacular view. These rentals are listed below:

Practice Schedule

The Blue Angels start practicing the first week of April and continue through the first week in November. Their practices are not quite as grand as their air shows, but it could be a great way to experience the event if you aren’t able to make it to town for the big performance. To get an up-close look at the shows and enjoy a morning event including concessions and autograph sessions, visit the National Aviation Museum! To view these practices at the museum, you must be a DoD ID cardholder or a guest of a cardholder.

The Blue Angels typically fly over the beach during these practices. So, in case you are not a DoD ID cardholder, don’t lose hope! There is still a chance to see them practice by looking toward the sky. To view the practice dates, click here.

Air Shows

Unlike the practices, the air shows can be seen by anyone who is interested! This year, the Blue Angels will be showcasing their talent twice along the beaches of Pensacola. The first time is July 9th and the second time on November 11th and 12th.

The beaches get crowded around 7 am on the day of the show. You will even find that people boat over from different areas along the Gulf Coast to cruise through water in search of the Angels in the sky. This means that the earlier you get there, the better! We recommend staying at one of the vacation condo complexes listed above so you don’t have to worry about driving and parking. You may even find the best place to watch them is your private balcony overlooking the beach. Visit the U.S. Navy Blue Angels website for more information.

Tips & Tricks

Don’t forget sunscreen! You will be sitting out in the sun all day waiting for the Blue Angels to arrive and you don’t want a sunburn to be the reason you miss the show. Make sure to also stay hydrated. Drinking water will help you get through the day. The last tip, try not to fight the crowds too much. As people leave the beach, hang out for a bit longer and enjoy the sand, sun, and surf as the majority of people head home. This tip is very important when traveling with kids!

We hope this information about the Blue Angels practice schedule and air show dates inspires you to take a beach vacation this summer!