Wheelchair Accessible Pensacola Beaches

Is Pensacola Beach Wheelchair Accessible?

Wheelchair Accessible Pensacola Beaches

When you reserve your stay with Southern Vacation Rentals, we aim to help you with each phase of planning the ultimate beach getaway. Not only can we find you the perfect vacation rental, but we also can provide tips and tricks on where to eat, things to do, and which beaches to visit. Planning ahead is very important, however, if you are handicapped or need wheelchair-accessible activities, it is even more crucial. Within the last couple of years, the Gulf Coast area has noticed a gap in beaches that are wheelchair accessible. Multiple areas including Pensacola Beach and 30A are making a change! The question, “Is Pensacola Beach wheelchair accessible,” is no longer something guests must worry about.

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How Are Beaches Wheelchair Accessible?

What makes maneuvering a wheelchair difficult on the beach is the sand. Even trucks and golf carts the lifeguards use to monitor the beach are built for driving on the sand. This isn’t the case for wheelchairs. The tires normally sink and are nearly impossible to move when they hit the soft sand.

There are two ways that have proven to be the best options to ensure each of your family members get to experience the joy found in visiting the beach. The first is called a Mobi Mat. A Mobi Mat is a non-slip mat that is laid down on top of the sand to provide grip and easy access for all wheelchairs. It is portable, easy to use, and can even be useful for strollers! The second way the city has answered the question, “Is Pensacola Beach wheelchair accessible,” is with Mobi-Chairs. A Mobi-Chair is a wheelchair with oversized tires. These oversized tires allow for easy transport as they grip the sand. This is a great choice for those who hope to go all the way to the water and feel the Gulf of Mexico splash on their face.

Which Pensacola Beaches are Wheelchair Accessible?

There are five public beach access points that have the Mobi-Mats and two that have the Mobi-Chairs.

  • Casino Beach – Also provide Mobi-Chairs
  • Park West North Beach
  • Moms Beach – Also provide Mobi-Chairs
  • Boardwalk Beach
  • Baby Beach

A couple of things to keep in mind when choosing the right beach for you are listed below:

  • Choose a beach that is close to your vacation rental. Each beach location can fill up quickly with visitors and not every beach access location has ample parking. It will make your vacation much easier if you can quickly access the shoreline!
  • Check the weather radar before you go. This might seem obvious; however, it is always a good idea to know how much time you can expect to have on the beach. Storms can roll in quickly and no one enjoys having to find cover and get off the beach when it is raining. Better to be prepared and spend as much time in the sun as you can.
  • Mobi-Chairs go quickly. There is a limited number of Mobi-Chairs available at Moms Beach and Casino Beach. If you are hoping to use one, get there earlier. There are Mobi Mats available at both beaches.

We hope you have found an answer to your question, “Is Pensacola Beach wheelchair accessible?” Every member of your family should be able to feel the coastal breeze from the beautiful beaches of the Gulf Coast. Book your stay with Southern Vacation Rentals today and start packing for an unforgettable beach getaway.