What is Required in a Vacation Rental?

What is Required in a Vacation Rental?

What is required in a vacation rental? Providing your guests with a memorable experience starts at making sure that your property is stocked with all of the necessities. It’s the thoughtful, extra touches that make for positive reviews and happy repeat guests. And, any seasoned vacation rental owner will tell you that meeting guests’ expectations is key! We want happy and repeat guests as much as you do, so when you join our vacation rental management program, we require that your property is furnished with the essential housewares to help your guests feel right at home. Learn more about what we require our owners to furnish their properties with in order to provide a sweet Southern experience.

Wondering where to begin? Just think – if you’d like it in your own home, it probably belongs in your vacation rental, too! Our teams also provide you with a list and will walk the property to help you narrow down what you need. To begin, each window must be outfitted with quality window treatments. If your living room or bedroom comes with a sleeper sofa, you’ll want to install blackout curtains to make sure your guest gets a good night’s sleep. We require each bed to have a headboard, comforter, and a bed skirt.

Then, when it comes to kitchenware, the more cookware you provide for guests, the better! Outfit your dining area with enough chairs and barstools to accommodate the number of people the property sleeps, along with a table setting equal to 1.5 times the same amount. Guests are likely to use more than one glass and plate a day, so providing them with enough options will ensure a positive experience.

In addition, we offer our owners the chance to join our Clean Cover Program. This program ensures that your property receives fresh bed linens, comforters, and coverlets that come laundered before each guest checks in. To keep up with this, we have a top-notch laundry facility to keep your property’s linens fresh and clean. With an average 4.5/5 cleanliness rating, 40,000+ cleans annually, and over 2,000,000lbs of linen processed annually, we work hard to ensure your property stays spotless!

These items are all required in addition to regulatory items. Regulatory items include but are not limited to, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, and any pool safety features. We are compliant with all Florida and Alabama laws to keep our guests as safe as possible during their stay.

Do you have more questions about what is required in a vacation rental? We’re happy to help! Our teams will assess your individual property to help determine how to make it the best vacation rental on the Gulf Coast. Contact us today to learn more about our vacation rental management program!