Flying South for the Winter

Snowbirds on the Northwest Florida and Alabama Gulf Coast

Flying South for the Winter

What is a snowbird?

If you ask many people this question, they might answer that a Snowbird is a migratory bird that flies south for the winter. To those on the Gulf Coast within Northwest Florida and Alabama we know that Snowbird is a term used to describe people, not birds that travel south for the winter booking stays typically from November to the middle of March. The term Snowbird was coined way back in the 1920s to describe those heading to southern states for seasonal work, but then the term evolved in the late 1970s to be retirees flocking to warmer climates for vacation stays. Retirees still make up the bulk of Snowbirds, but the term has evolved to also include remote workers and learners as well who have more location flexibility in recent years.

What makes the Gulf Coast so popular for Snowbirds?

The Gulf Coast of Northwest Florida and Alabama offer warmer weather in winter than neighboring states or Canada to the north. This leads to many Snowbirds establishing a home away from home in the sunnier climate, with some even purchasing their own winter residence. Those who do not purchase have a wide variety of vacation rental options at their fingertips. Vacation rental companies, including Southern Vacation Rentals, love Snowbirds because they will not only treat their rental as if it were their own home, but they book extended stays in off-season time frames. Due to this, monthly snowbird stays offer some of the best value and rates on vacation rental stays. This is perfect for retired snowbirds and remote workers alike because they can stay longer for less money.

What are some of the most desirable activities and amenities for Snowbirds?

1. Pet-friendly: Snowbirds enjoy bringing their pets with them.

2. Golf Courses: A friendly round of golf is quite enjoyable.

3. Heated Pools: To heat or not to heat? That is the question, unless you enjoy a Polar Bear plunge of course!

4. Hot Tubs: This helps relieve aching muscles.

5. Gulf Front: Amazing views and easy beach access!

6. Golf Carts: Having a golf cart makes it easy to explore and get around.

7. Homes: Offering larger accommodations, these are perfect for family gatherings including Thanksgiving, Christmas, and winter breaks.

8. Condos: These offer some amazing resort amenities that homes can’t meet in the same price range.

9. Proximity to Events: Being close to winter events makes things easier.

10. Value: Getting a great deal makes any stay even sweeter!

Popular Gulf Coast Destinations for Snowbirds

Tastes can vary wildly between vacationers and many snowbirds already have their favorite beach area as their landing place. At Southern Vacation Rentals we offer an abundant array of vacation rentals within Gulf Coast Alabama and Northwest Florida to help satisfy differing tastes. One of the most popular areas along 30A offers multiple unique beach neighborhoods including Santa Rosa Beach, Blue Mountain Beach, Seagrove and more! Destin, Panama City Beach, Fort Walton Beach and Pensacola Beach are other popular Snowbird destinations on Florida's Emerald Coast. For coastal Alabama, Gulf Shores and Orange Beach offer a variety of fantastic snowbird-friendly accommodations sure to please.

Preparing for the 2024/25 Snowbird Season

The 2023/24 Snowbird season is almost at an end, with February fast approaching. Last-minute deals for this season can still be found on our Gulf Coast deals page, but the booking window is closing quickly. It is a trend among many birdies to book their monthly winter stays at their favorite properties immediately after their current stay concludes. Typically, this leads to them locking in great prices and helps them avoid their property being booked by someone else. At Southern Vacation Rentals we love our Snowbirds and strive to create memorable experiences to bring them back to us each year. As a final piece of advice, we recommend checking all Gulf Coast promos regularly as we offer limited-time promos for not only monthly winter stays but year-round stays too. We hope to see you soon!