Easy Floating Keys

Easy Floating Keys ~ The Southern Scoop’s Travel Tip of the Month

Easy Floating Keys

With Easy Floating Keys, you’ll never go apoplectic when you get on a boat and see the key float on the keys in the ignition again. Furthermore, with just a few things you can find around the house, some creativity, and (not too many) your keys, you’re going to wow your friends and family with your DIY skills! Maybe you have a favorite wine? Maybe a Brunello de Montalcino from the Tuscany wine region, or 19 Crimes from Australia, you have thousands of aesthetic choices for your new floating key chain!

Perhaps you want to add some decorative charms for personality? A birthstone color? Ah yes, the reasons we love crafts and DIY! Here are some additional ideas for decorative charms or other ornaments to add!

Without further ado! What you’ll need:
~ A cork from your favorite wine bottle!

~ Small eyelets with a pointed, threaded end

~ Two small key rings

~ Decorative charm(s) *Optional*

As always lay out all of your materials on the table and take inventory. Also, ensure you exercise caution when screwing the eyelets into the cork, the threads and pointed tip can be sharp. Let’s get started!

~ Holding your cork, attach a small eyelet screw to the ends of the wine cork (you’ll only need one if you’re not going to attach a decorative charm).

~ Connect your key rings to the eyelets

~ Voila! Simply secure your 2-3 keys on the key chain and remember, the more items/keys on the key chain, the less buoyancy the cork will provide!

We hope you like the travel hack we’ve brought you this month. Since we’ve got you covered from Panama City, Florida to Gulf Shores and Fort Morgan Alabama, ensure you browse on over to our events page to find out about what’s happening in your vacation area! Thank you for being a part of the Southern family, and we’ll see you next month with another beach or travel tip!