Your Guide to the 2019 Pensacola Beach Airshow ~ Southern Vacation Rentals

With just five days left until the 2019 Pensacola Beach Airshow, we can feel the excitement buzzing in the air. Whether you’ve been a dozen times or not at all, watching the Blue Angels fly over Pensacola Beach is an experience unlike any other. When the Blue Angels fly, hundreds of visitors flock to the white sand beaches to watch this spectacular airshow. This is one of the area’s top-rated events for good reason! We compiled the best advice from locals and seasoned visitors to help you make the most of the 2019 Pensacola Beach Airshow. Consider this your official insider guide! Pack your bags, grab your sunscreen, and settle down to watch the show!

Arrive Early

Locals and visitors alike will tell you – make like you’re going sunrise fishing and get to the beach early. We’re talking earlier than 7 AM, as beach parking (and the sand) will fill up faster than you can say “it’s a plane!” Casino Beach, the Gulf-facing area on Pensacola Beach across from the Quietwater Beach Boardwalk, is considered the best spot on the beach to catch the Blues.

However, despite ample parking, it fills up pretty fast. Some visitors arrive as early as 6 AM to make sure they have a space to park and spread out! If you’re staying in a Pensacola Beach vacation rental for Blue Angels week, then you’re in luck, as you’re within walking distance of the beach. If you’re staying Gulf-front, then you’ve truly got it made, as you can simply step out onto the sand, spread out your blanket, and watch the Blue Angels soar overhead!

Take Advantage of the Trolleys

In addition, parking and walking to a spot on the beach are not the only options for transportation. Pensacola Beach’s trolley system is in full swing for Blue Angels weekend to help alleviate traffic congestion. The Santa Rosa Island Authority is extending public transportation hours on Friday, July 12th. Extra buses will also be added to the schedule on the following Saturday in addition to the three trolleys operating on the island. Visit here for more information about the trolley system for this weekend.

Pack Accordingly

Since you’ll be arriving well before the Blues fly at 2 PM, you’ll want to make sure that you come to the beach with plenty of water and sunscreen. Don’t forget to bring a snack or two! The water will be closed off when the airshow begins, so you may even want to take a dip in the water to cool off before then. But don’t worry – if you forget any of these things, airshow organizers are on hand with supplies to help keep you cool. Pensacola Beach is also full of great restaurants where you can go grab a bite to eat before the airshow or pick up some delicious food to go to bring back and enjoy while you wait. You’ll also want to make sure you bring plenty of sunscreen, a hat, and some sunglasses to help fight off the sun!

Don’t Fight the Traffic

As soon as the show is done at around 3 PM, beach-goers start packing up their bags to clear the beach. Why rush? No matter if you’re leaving the beach or going back to your condo, traffic will be backed up for a while. What’s the rush in getting back? Stay and enjoy the beach after everyone clears out; you may discover something new you’ve never seen or been to before! This is another great opportunity to enjoy some delicious food Pensacola Beach is known for. Dine with a view at Red Fish Blue Fish or Jelly’s, or treat yourself to some live music (and a world-famous Bushwacker) at the Sandshaker Lounge. This is also a great time to take advantage of the Pensacola Bay Cruises which operate between Pensacola Beach, Downtown Pensacola, and Fort Pickens. Learn more about the cruise ships on our YouTube channel!

Arrive Early for Practice Week

Saturday isn’t the only day the Blue Angels fly! If you’re visiting Pensacola Beach a little early this year, you’ll be able to catch the Blues as they practice in anticipation of the Saturday show. July 10th is “Breakfast with the Blues,” when they fly overhead at 8 AM. Then, July 11th is a practice flight demonstration at 2 PM, followed by a July 12th dress rehearsal. The dress rehearsal sees the civilian acts fly at noon, with the Blue Angels flying at 2 PM. This is just as exciting as the Saturday airshow and a great way to build up the excitement! If you’re staying with us in a Pensacola Beach vacation rental for the airshow, consider getting here a couple of days early to stake out your spot on the beach and see the planes in action!