If you are a history buff, want to treat your kids to an educational experience while on vacation or if you just love checking out the most scenic locations while in a new area, a tour of Fort Pickens should be on your must-do list while on vacation in Pensacola Beach. Dating back to 1834, this fort is not only fun and interesting, but also located in one of the most beautiful locations along the beach, Gulf Island National Seashore.

You will have many options for things to do during your Pensacola Beach vacation. There are many restaurants, activities and attractions along the main drag of the beach. But, if you are looking for something a little different, a little more quiet and definitely fun, Fort Pickens is a treat! As you can see from our short video here, Fort Pickens can be more than just a tour of an old building. There are beautiful beaches, a place to pull up and fish, as well as grounds to be explored!

Fort Pickens offers an extension history. Built in effort to fortify US ports after the War of 1812, the fort was in operation from 1834-1947. Despite being partially destroyed by a fire in 1858, the fort was rebuilt and played significant roles in major historic events such as the Civil War, the Indian wars, when Geronimo was imprisoned at the fort, and a WWI.

In addition to visiting the fort, we also recommend spending the day out on one of the more quiet beaches of the seashore. The park is open to the public and a pass for one vehicle is $15 for a week. In addition to being quiet, these beaches are also well-preserved and some of the finest in Northwest Florida. Check out our video here to see the beautiful water and fun available activities, and then make Fort Picks and the Gulf Islands National Seashore a part of your Pensacola Beach vacation.