Blue Angels in Pensacola BeachThe Fourth of July kicks off Red, White and Blues week on the Gulf Coast, and if you will be staying in a Pensacola Beach condo or home, you’re in for a high-flying treat!

During Red, White and Blues week in Pensacola Beach, the patriotic fun doesn’t end with fireworks on the Fourth of July. In fact, that’s just the beginning of a week packed with events including Bands on the Beach on Tuesday evening, a free outdoor concert at the beach at 7pm.

Don’t stay out too late, though. You’ll want to be up early to enjoy coffee on your Pensacola Beach condo balcony or breakfast at a beachfront restaurant to watch the Blue Angels, the Navy’s aerial demonstration team, practice for their Saturday show at 8am. You can catch additional practice performances on Thursday and Friday, as well. All you have to do is go out and enjoy the pool at your beachfront condo rental or hit the sand. The Blue Angels will be practicing over the beaches at 2pm both days.

While you may be checking out on Saturday, consider hitting the beach for the main aerial show before you leave town. We advise finding a spot on the sand early as this is a very popular event. The Blue Angels will take to the sky at both 11am and 2pm. We hope you enjoy your Pensacola Beach vacation, filled with aerial acrobatics all week!