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Your Guide to the 2019 Pensacola Beach Airshow

Your Guide to the 2019 Pensacola Beach Airshow ~ Southern Vacation Rentals With just five days left until the 2019 Pensacola Beach Airshow, we can feel the excitement buzzing in the air. Whether you've been a dozen times or not at all, watching the Blue Angels fly over Pensacola Beach is an experience unlike any other. When the Blue Angels fly, hundreds of visitors flock to the white sand beaches to watch this spectacular airshow. This is one of the area's top-rated events for good reason! We compiled the best advice from locals and seasoned visitors to help you [...]

2019-07-08T21:55:07-05:00July 8th, 2019|Adventure, Gulf Coast Blog|

Tips for Watching the Blue Angels on Pensacola Beach

It's that time of year - the Blues are back at the beach! We are very excited to have our Blue Angels, who call NAS Pensacola home, return to the skies over our beaches on Saturday, July 16 at 2PM. If you're headed down to vacation in Pensacola Beach for this incredible event, we have a few tips for making the most of your Blue Angels experience. So, what's our biggest tip for attending the show? Go early! With many travelers arriving on Saturday, and with a very small bridge to get you onto Pensacola Beach, traffic backs up [...]

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