Southern Cares: Keep Pensacola Beautiful

Here on the Gulf Coast, we are famous for our sunshine and sandy white beaches. During the spring and summer months, our beaches flood with excited tourists who are excited to soak up the sun and enjoy a couple of days off from the stress of work. Keeping our beaches clean not only for our tourism season but also to protect our wildlife is of the utmost importance along the Florida panhandle. One way Southern Vacation Rentals does our part in maintaining the beauty of the area is by supporting Keep Pensacola Beautiful.

We are proud to partner with Keep Pensacola Beautiful through our Southern Cares program. Our partnership with Keep Pensacola Beautiful is so important to us, and we are honored to be able to support them year after year. Keep Pensacola Beautiful educates people to take action and improve the community of Escambia county. The organization also cleans over 80 parks and boat ramps. Volunteers focus on beautification, recycling, and litter awareness and prevention.

How Does Southern Help?

By promoting Keep Pensacola Beautiful through our voluntourism program, we encourage guests to give back to the community they love to visit. How good will it feel to be a part of a movement while on vacation? We have also sent teams to volunteer during projects hosted by Keep Pensacola Beautiful. Our team always loves spending the day getting to know fellow volunteers and cleaning our beloved Florida beaches.

How Can You Help?

There are a number of ways you can help support this non-profit organization. For starters, simply donating can go a long way. No matter if it is a monetary donation, or a donation of your time, anything and everything is always appreciated. While staying in a Pensacola Beach vacation rental, take some time to learn about the area and how you can help give back.

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You can also get involved in their annual outreach events and fundraisers! Help them by spreading awareness of the importance of keeping the area clean.

For more information about our partnership with Keep Pensacola Beautiful, visit our Southern Cares page.

Learn more about Keep Pensacola Beautiful here.

Keep Pensacola Beautiful