2017 just polished off the dregs of February and we can barely wait to sink our toes in the sand! With temps in the mid-70s, we’re already in a summer state of mind. Goggles, beach towels, and skim boards are on the brain! If you’re sitting under fluorescent lights and daydreaming about cloudless, blue skies and coconut-scented sunscreen, that’s one sign you’re ready for your beach vacation. It’s time to seize the daydream now!

These four signs leave no doubt: you’re ready for a beach vacation along the Gulf Coast.

  1. Your Last Seafood Meal Came From A Freezer.

There’s just something about a frozen fish stick that screams tragedy. Especially when you could be enjoying delicate, flaky, fresh-from-the-Gulf snapper, amberjack, and cobia. Fish wasn’t meant to come in a rectangle; it was meant to come lightly blackened or pan seared, with a lemon wedge and beach-view.

  1. Alas, Your Flip-flop Tan Line Vanished.

There’s a simple rule of thumb—or should we say, rule of foot—to gauge the success of your beach vacation: the visibility of your flip-flop tan line. If those coveted intersecting lines atop your dorsal are gone, well, then, it’s time to pull your favorite pair of perfectly-worn flip-flops out of the closet and bring back the tan!

  1. You’re Ready for Friday and It’s Only Monday.

Are you counting down to Friday at 5 by Monday at 8? Then there’s only one cure: beach time. When you and the family kick back on sugar white sands to soak up the Southern sun, the only thing you’ll be counting is how long it’s been since you had this much fun.

  1. You’re Dreaming in Spreadsheets.

We know everybody has to take work home every now and then, but if emails and analytics are running through your mind at all hours, even during precious nighttime winks,  it’s time to getaway to the emerald waters of Northwest Florida and Coastal Alabama’s Gulf Coast.

Don’t waste another moment daydreaming about your beach vacation! Seize the daydream today when you book your sweet Southern vacation.