Come shake the winter blues and help us bring in the spring season with our Video Contest.

Temperatures are on the rise, activities and events are ever present, and traffic flow is, just a little bit, heavier. If you weren’t aready thinking it, then you heard it here first – ladies and gentlemen, spring has arrived!

Of course, as spring commences, spring break quickly follows. One week of carefree relaxation that you dream about throughout the tough, seemingly unbearable, winter months. Whether you will flock to the sand and salt water, baring pasty skin, with sunscreen in hand. Or, you will simply have a much-needed, low key week at home. Regardless of what you are doing, you will create moments and memories.

At Southern, we love to see – and capture – moments that are genuine and candid. Moments you wouldn’t trade the world for.  Simple moments that are raw and full of happiness and love. And, what better time to capture these moments than when you are all together this spring.

So, we encourage you to participate in our video contest and record your fun filled moments this spring. There is no need to be a pro at videography, all skill levels are encouraged and appreciated for this contest. Every entry grants you a chance to win a three night condo stay on the emerald green water of the Gulf.

At a loss on what to put in the video? Any moment you want to capture, honestly! Pull out your camera, or cell phone, while your family road trips, visits a local event or simply hangs out. Regardless of your location or activity, we want to see plenty of smiles and sweet Southern moments.

For any further question please read through our video contest rules and regulations. In the meantime, happy moment making; we truly are excited for you to share them with us!