Should My Rental be Pet-Friendly?

Should My Rental be Pet-Friendly?

Should My Rental Be Pet-Friendly? ~ Southern Vacation Rentals

Whether you are a new or existing homeowner, the decision to make your home pet-friendly can be a difficult one. If at any point you’ve wondered, “should my rental be pet-friendly?” then we’ve got some helpful ways to break down this question. There are a few considerations to make, including:

  • Homeowners association (HOA) rules
  • Wear and tear of your property
  • Fees and revenue

You must also consider the revenue standpoint of making your rental pet-friendly. If the return on investment is there, then it’s a great decision to make. As part of our vacation rental management services, we can help you make this decision! Read below for our considerations on making your rental pet-friendly.

First, consider if you’ll also be using the property for your own personal use, or if you will not be visiting a certain number of times out of the year. Then, verify you’re following any applicable HOA rules. Some HOAs restrict pets to owners only, omitting the opportunity to make your rental pet-friendly. However, some allow guests to bring dogs as well since they understand that people like to travel with their animals. By making your rental pet-friendly, you open up bookings to guests who look for pet-friendly rentals. This will increase your competitive edge, as the number of pet-friendly properties is significantly lower than non-pet friendly ones. On that note, pet-friendly properties are usually restricted to dogs and will not be available to guests who travel with other animals.

Another thing to consider is the design of your property. If you own a large bedroom home that is pet-friendly, then cleaning will take a little longer and may incur higher fees. Hardwood and tile floors are better for pet-friendly properties, as cleaning up after pets will be easier than if you have carpet floors. While opening up your rental is a great method of increasing revenue, you are likely to incur more wear and tear on your property if you allow pets. Bedding, slipcovers, and rugs will have to be laundered and deep-cleaned more often. Also, periodic deep-cleans will be necessary to accommodate guests who have allergies.

From a booking perspective, Guests are required to pay a pet fee at the time of booking and will come across policies that restrict breeds, weight, and the number of dogs allowed in the property. Weight restrictions typically limit dogs no heavier than 25 pounds. Guests are also required to sign a pet addendum at the time of booking.

Overall, making your rental pet-friendly is a great way to increase your maximum revenue potential. Feel free to contact us with more information on our vacation rental management program and revenue management services and learn what we can do for you.

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