Sand dunes serve an incredible purpose in preserving the beaches of Northwest Florida and Coastal Alabama. They act as a line of defense against destructive weather and are formed by wave and wind action. As the sand begins to accumulate, different species of plants begin to grow that are adapted to the harsh beach environment and help stabilize the dunes. These plants include sea oats, the most popular and memorable beach plant along the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico, beach elder, bitter panicum and Gulf bluestem.

With the aid of sand dunes, the beaches just below our beachfront Gulf Coast vacation rentals are well preserved, making it extremely important that these sand dunes be well taken care of. These sand dunes absorb some of the impact of coastal storms and help prevent beach erosion, acting as storage areas that supply sand for eroded beaches. They also help to slow the process of flooding of inland areas. The sand dunes along the Gulf of Mexico are vital for coastal and inland areas during hurricane season, slowing the flooding of homes, roads and businesses just north of our beaches.

The next time you are vacationing in a beach home in Destin, Florida, a condo rental in Gulf Shores, Alabama, or any other vacation rental along the Gulf Coast, take a look at the abundance of plants and vegetation. We ask that when you are looking, please obey the signs and do not cross the fenced area lining the dunes. Walk on these natural dunes can shift the sands, which can negatively affect the growth of vegetation as well as the supply of sand.