Could you use a relaxing vacation to the beach? We mean really relaxing. If so, enter the latest giveaway from and you could win a vacation in Destin!

The May Facebook giveaway from is here! Not only does this month’s giveaway feature a three night stay from Southern, which is relaxing in itself, but also a beginner float package from Float Brothers Float Spa in Destin. Yes, a float spa.

Floating is relaxing, you probably know this, but this float spa takes things to an entirely new level. While relaxing in a pool or in the emerald waves is certainly relaxing in it’s own right, the crowds, heat and surf can interfere with your bliss. The controlled atmosphere at Float Brothers, however, allows you to have the ideal experience.

So, what exactly happens at a float spa? First, you enter something called a float pod, or your own personal float space. The water is filled with an optimum level of epsom salt to allow you to float effortlessly. It is also temperature controlled to match the temperature of your skin, so your comfort is optimal. The space is also a deprivation tank where you don’t experience sight, sound or touch – or even the pull of gravity – outside of your pod.

You may be wondering, apart from helping you relax, why one would choose to float. Benefits reported from time at the float spa include the relief of stress and anxiety. Other benefits listed include the improvement of sleep and ones immune system, as well as reduced blood pressure, pulse, heart rate and oxygen consumption. Are you intrigued yet? Then head over to the iLoveDestin Facebook page and enter their May giveaway. You could be floating at the beach in no time!