What to Look for in a Property Manager ~ The Business Blog ~ Southern Vacation Rentals

Are you’re a property owner who’s been shopping around for a manager? Then consider this the unofficial guide for what to look for in a property manager. Picking the right property manager is key, as this person is responsible for making sure your every aspect of your home is running smoothly. From following marketing trends to area knowledge, to even being a strong communicator, the right property manager is well-versed in a variety of tactics to help your home see the highest return. Read on below for our tips on what to look for in a property manager!

Area Knowledge

First and foremost, you want someone who is knowledgable about the area in which you own a property. You’ll want someone who is up to date on important things like city ordinances, as well as the small things like the best local restaurants. Having an expert voice is key! It’s also important that they’re familiar with the amenities and the ins and outs of your property to best communicate these aspects to guests.

A Well-Oiled Team

With all the aspects of vacation rental management, a good property manager collaborates with other departments to get everything done. This can involve accounting, marketing, and even reservations teams. When these different departments work well together, guests receive the highest quality service.

Monitors the Competition

There’s always going to be competition in the vacation rental industry, so it’s important to be aware of your competitors. A good property manager is always looking to out-perform their competitors, whether it’s with rates or marketing tactics.  When you have a handle on what your competition is doing, it also helps make smarter business decisions.


With the rapid pace the vacation rental industry moves at, a property manager who is up to date on the latest technology is one you want overseeing your investment. Our teams do a fantastic job keeping up-to-date with the latest technology to ensure they stay ahead of the curve. Investing in Smart Home technology in all of our properties increases the value over time and saves our owners money in the long run. Also, dynamic pricing gives us the ability to adjust rates in real time based on a number of factors including supply and demand.

When it comes to vacation rental management on the Gulf Coast, there’s no better partner than Southern! To learn more about what we can do, visit JoinSouthern.com.