On of the greatest water adventures you can have while on a Northwest Florida or Coastal Alabama vacation actually takes place high (high) above the Gulf of Mexico. We’re speaking of something called parasailing.

If you have been on vacation to the Gulf Coast then you have undoubtedly seen the parachutes out over the water, the feet of visiting daredevils dangling below. We highly encourage you to be one of those daredevils! While the experience may look terrifying from afar, we assure you, it is actually quite relaxing. Yes, relaxing!

You can check out our experience over Destin with Southern Perks partners Just Chute Me in the video to the right. We admit it, we were scared! But, the professionals at Just Chute Me made us feel at ease with a cruise along the water and plenty of safety instructions before hooking us into the harness.

Once in the harness, take a seat as you’re strapped in. You may think that once air catches the chute, you will rocket up and lose your stomach, as if on a roller coaster. This is far from the case. You actually gradually glide to your resting altitude and then enjoy a quiet, scenic ride high above the water. Watch as you spot dolphins, sea turtles and other marine life, before having your toes dipped in the water and sailing back to the boat.

With Southern Perks, our local deals and discounts program, you will discover several preferred parasailing partners along the Gulf Coast. We would trust any of them to give us a thrilling, but safe, adventure on the water. Shop their deals today and we hope you enjoy your flight!