Knowing When to Update Your Vacation Rental

Knowing When to Update Your Vacation Rental

Knowing When to Update Your Vacation Rental ~ The Business Blog ~ Southern Vacation Rentals

Any property owner who’s been in the vacation rental industry understands that after a while, wear and tear begins to show within your property. This is the main downside to furnishing a vacation rental home and can almost never be avoided. It’s important to spend a little more on couches and mattresses, as those will see higher foot traffic. However, some of your smaller pieces are likely to see more turnover. Knowing when to update your vacation rental is key, as comfort and cleanliness make for happy guests. Prevent negative guest reviews by partnering with your property manager to stay on top of any furniture that may need replacing. Read on below for our tips on when to update your vacation rental – from replacing the appliances to a fresh coat of paint.


Those who own vacation rental homes will understand the importance of a clean-looking exterior. Condo owners don’t necessarily have to worry about the exterior, as the HOA typically keeps up with the exterior. For homeowners, the exterior is the first thing guests will see when browsing your property online and you want to make sure the exterior matches the pictures. No one wants to arrive at a home that looks beautiful in pictures but has peeling paint and a run-down exterior! The standard length to go between fresh coats is every 5-10 years, but you may want to paint a little more frequently depending on the finish. Wood siding should be painted every 3-7 years; aluminum siding and stucco require a coat every 5-6 years; newer materials like cement fiberboard can last between 10-15 years.

Window Treatments

No matter if you have blinds, curtains, or shutters in your vacation home, your window treatments will need to be updated after a while. When deciding if it’s time to update the window treatments, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do the treatments match the same decor in your home?
  • Do the treatments raise and lower properly?
  • Are the treatments easy to reach?
  • Is anything broken? Discolored? Faded?

If you said no to any of these, or yes to the last one, then it’s time to update your window treatments. While most homeowners update their window treatments every 7-8 years, inspect your treatments regularly during a deep clean or routine check.


Having appliances in your vacation rental like a refrigerator, dishwasher, and washer/dryer are massive conveniences we often take for granted. These days, guests expect to find a fully equipped kitchen and a washer/dryer in the property. These appliances need to be checked routinely for top performance and to ensure nothing needs to be replaced anytime soon. For example, refrigerators require little maintenance and tend to last a long time, but check to make sure your refrigerator is free from condensation or frost and that the motor is silent.


Meanwhile, an uncomfortable mattress is likely to be the first thing a guest takes note of, so it’s something you’ll want to pay attention to. If the mattresses are lumpy, springy, or worst case scenario – stained or soiled, you’ll want to replace them ASAP! Rotate the mattresses every three months to provide a consistent level of support and comfort for your guests. Double-sided mattresses should be flipped twice a year to reduce the risk of sagging.


Everyone’s pillow preference is different – some like a firm pillow, and some like a soft pillow. Cater to different preferences by providing a mixture of both, but be sure to monitor the quality over time. Down and feather pillows have a longer life than synthetic, but no matter what type of pillow you provide it’s important to maintain cleanliness and good hygiene for your pillows! Use pillow protectors underneath pillowcases as an extra barrier. Pillowcases need to be washed at every turn, but pillow protectors can be washed every few weeks, which cuts down on the number of washes for your pillows themselves.

Guest turnover, occupancy, and climate are all contributing factors to wear and tear on your property. Updating your vacation rental frequently means happy (and repeat!) guests, and who doesn’t want that? An up-to-date property helps you stay competitive and relevant in the industry.

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