How Often Should You Receive Updates on Your Property? ~ Southern Vacation Rentals

As an owner at Southern, how often should you receive updates on your property? Your main point of contact will be your Portfolio Manager. As part of our Gulf Coast vacation rental management program, your Portfolio Manager oversees all aspects of your property and communicates with other departments as necessary.

Our goal is to ensure seamless, convenient communication for you as an owner. Your Portfolio Manager will contact you for approval for repairs/replacements as outlined in your rental management agreement in addition to suggestions for improvements and with guest feedback as necessary. They will also contact you on a monthly basis to provide you with updates regarding your property as well as to discuss revenue. Of course, you can contact them at any time as needed. The Portfolio Managers work with a partner so that owners receive prompt, same-day responses even when their manager is out of the office. We want to keep an open line of communication at all times!

You will also find information related to your unit through your owner portal. Work order summaries, monthly statements, availability and expected net revenue can be found by accessing your portal. The owner portal is a great tool as it puts information at your fingertips and is immediately available for access!

In addition to communication from your Portfolio Manager, Southern hosts quarterly webinars to keep you informed on industry trends and our operations. The webinars are a perfect time for you to keep up-to-date on information as well as ask any questions pertaining to these topics.

Southern understands how important communication is when it comes to successfully managing a vacation rental property. We take pride in delivering this to our owners! Contact us today to learn more about our Gulf Coast vacation rental management services.

Each Portfolio Manager handles a subset of 30-40 properties, allowing your property to receive the care and attention it deserves. Your Manager will reach out to you on a monthly basis to discuss revenue and updates, but are available as needed. Learn more about our vacation rental management services today!