What’s biting this October?

One of the most popular activities in Northwest Florida and Coastal Alabama during fall is without a doubt fishing.

Whether you are traveling specifically to fish or not, in a tournament or just for fun, a walk along the docks to check out our fishing communities is a great vacation activity, especially if staying in one of our vacation rentals.

Fall is a transitional period for many of the Gulf of Mexico’s top fish. They have begun their preparation to migrate south, and are feeding for the winter months – they’re hungry and they’re biting!

Below are the fish, and fishing events, that will more than likely be tugging on your lines this October.

Inshore Fishing:

Speckled Trout (2-10 Pounds)Characteristics: Golden / Brown, prominent canine teeth, and distinct spots scattered all over. Where and How to Catch: throughout bays, at river mouths, and along piers and reefs. Bait Type: artificial lures or live bait fish.

Red Drum (2-35 Pounds)Characteristics: Dark red on back fading to white on belly. Has one large black spot on upper tail base.  Where and How to Catch: throughout bays, while bottom fishing and trolling. Bait Type: cut bait, plastic tail jigs and other artificial lures.

Offshore Fishing:

King Mackerel (5-50 Pounds) – Characteristics: Olive on back, fading to silver / white with iridescent rose on the sides. Covered in hardly visible, loosely attached scales. Where and How to Catch: trolling offshore, particularly around “structures.” Bait Type: minnows and small artificial lures.

Sailfish (25-75 Pounds)Characteristics: Blue/Grey in color, resembles a swordfish, large dorsal fin that extends the length of the back. Where and How to Catch: slow trolling offshore. Bait Type: whole fish, trolling lures.

Yellowfin Tuna (50-150 Pounds) Characteristics: Bright yellow fins, dark metallic blue back and a silver belly. Where and How to Catch: slow trolling offshore. Bait Type: whole fish, feather and trolling lures.

Wahoo (25-75 Pounds)Characteristics: Elongated body, back is iridescent blue, while the sides are silver, swims up to 60 MPH. Where and How to Catch: trolling offshore. Bait Type: small fish, plastic lures, and spoons.

Gag Grouper (2-50 Pounds) – Characteristics: Grey or light brown with “wavy” markings on side. Where and How to Catch: still fishing or trolling offshore.  Bait Type: cut bait or live fish.

Fishing Events and Festivals:

Our fishing tournaments are popular with anglers, as well as those who love to watch the weigh-ins. The Destin Fishing Rodeo is an annual event that takes place during the entire month of October. From 10 a.m – 7 p.m., you can watch the fishermen weigh in on the docks at AJ’s Seafood & Oyster Bar.

October 6th & 7th is the Navarre Fishing Rodeo. This rodeo is open to pier, boat, kayak, or shore fishermen!

If noshing on fresh seafood piques your interest more than reeling them in yourself, no problem, there are plenty of seafood festivals during the month of October. Specifically, the Gulf Shores Shrimp Festival. This event is four days of entertainment, art, activities, and, of course, shrimp.

For more details on fishing events in our areas, check out our Gulf Coast Events page!