DIY Seatbelt Pillows ~ The Southern Scoop’s Travel Hack of the Month

There’ll be no more cranky kids after the car ride to the beach with DIY Seatbelt Pillows ~ The Southern Scoop’s Travel Hack of the Month! Some scissors, glue, soft blanket, and other common home craft items are all you will need to turn those frowns upside down when you finally arrive at your dream vacation rental!

What you’ll need:

~ Velcro strips with adhesive on one side

~ Fabric glue

~ 2x 12″ x 26″ fleece fabric

~ Batting or pillow stuffing

~ Scissors

~ Ruler

~ 30 minutes


Alrighty! As always lay out all of your materials on the table and take inventory. Also, ensure you exercise caution when using scissors. Let’s get started!

Measure your fabric into two 12″ x 26″ pieces and cut accordingly (and safely!)

Place your pieces of fabric on top of each other. Take the top part off, and place the other piece to the side

Using your fabric glue, place a thin line on the outer perimeter of the fabric except for one of the short sides (it doesn’t matter which) to leave an opening for the stuffing

Ensuring your glue is dry (Wait approximately 15 minutes or other as indicated on the bottle), flip the pillow case inside out

~ On the unglued end, cut three inch long, one inch wide slits along the length

~ Stuff the pillowcase with batting or other stuffing as desired

~ Tie and knot the slits you cut previously so as to secure the batting/pillow stuffing

~ Using your velcro strips, line the sides of the long ends of the pillow

~ Voila! Simply secure your pillow using the velcro strips to any seatbelt! Remove and re-attach at your convenience.

We hope you like the travel hack we’ve brought you this month. Since we’ve got you covered from Panama City, Florida to Gulf Shores and Fort Morgan Alabama, make sure to browse on over to our events page to find out about what’s happening in your vacation area! Thank you for being a part of the Southern family, and we’ll see you next month with another beach or travel tip!