Diving is one of the Gulf Coast’s most popular activities, especially near our Pensacola Beach vacation rentals, as well as in Perdido Key. In addition to the every day diving of the reefs, you will also find annual diving events, such as the Lionfish Roundup.

Hosted by the Gulf Coast Lionfish Coalition, the LionFish Roundup and Festival will take place May 14-17, 2015 and include several days of diving fun, as well as awards. Day one of the event will include information on safety, as Lionfish can be dangerous to dive for due to their venomous nature. The next two days feature awesome diving opportunities as you attempt to capture the most of this invasive species before the weigh-ins and awards on the last day of this event.

So, why are we rounding up Lionfish here on the Gulf Coast? Well, as we mentioned above, they are an incredibly invasive species that can be dangerous when their population is left unchecked. Not only is this festival fun, but it also provides a valuable service to the area. The cost to dive is just $35 and there is no cost to attend the festival, weigh-ins and awards.

If this event sounds like fun, grab your dive gear and make your reservations now! We are currently offering 15% off of our Pensacola Beach and Perdido Key vacation rentals when you attend. Just use code LIONFISH to redeem this offer online.