Country ‘Chokes ~ The Southern Scoop’s Recipe of the Month

Time to learn how to cook some Country ‘Chokes ~ The Southern Scoop’s Recipe of the Month! It may not be March 16th, National Artichoke Heart Day, but we’re going to learn how to make perfect artichokes every time, in less than an hour! Did you know that California produces 100% of the United States artichoke crop? Furthermore, Castroville, California is calling itself the “Artichoke Center of the World”! Low carb and keto-friendly, this super food has been called an aphrodisiac and wonder-veggie for hundreds of years and for good reason. Fun fact – one artichoke can produce more than 20 artichokes per year! Without further ado!

What you’ll need:

~ A large pot for boiling as many artichokes as you intend to cook, the bigger the better!

~ Whole artichokes! Ensure the petals are firm and closed, not wilting outwards and have a bright green color

~ Sea salt, Thyme, Garlic cloves, and a Lemon

~ Sharp knife and scissors

~ Strainer


~ Your favorite Mayo and some Balsamic Vinaigrette mixed together to taste in a ramekin to dip your artichoke petals in


Let’s get down to business! This entire recipe from prep to completion should take less than an hour!

~ Drop some aromatics in the water (Thyme, Garlic, Lemon) along with Sea Salt and bring to a boil

Slice off the bottom of the stem of the artichoke, buy cialis walmart leaving about one inch

~ Slice off the top of the artichoke (3/4-1 inch is perfect, serrated bread knife works great for this!)

Snip off the ends of the petals just enough to expose the flesh of the petal

~ Rinse the artichoke/s

Boil the artichokes for approximately 30-45 minutes or until the leaves easily come off when pulled

Place artichokes in the strainer

Once cool, slice the artichokes in half vertically and scoop out the insides

~ Season to taste using the Sea Salt, Thyme, and Lemon

How to eat whole artichokes!

All you do is pull the petals off one by one (working for your food, like crawfish! The Southern Scoop might just bring that recipe soon so stay in touch!) tightly grip the petals and pull through your teeth to remove the delicious tasty portion of the petal! You can use the optional dipping sauce or opt not to, either way you’ll be in for a treat!

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