Communicating With Guests Via Text ~ The Business Blog ~ Southern Vacation Rentals

These days, just about everyone has a smartphone. As technology advances, the ability to do things on our phones increases. You can book flights, order lunch, and pay bills all with just a few taps of your screen. With email apps also built into our phones, we no longer need to sit at a computer to answer emails. It can all be done from the convenience of your phone. Communicating via a text message is also a huge advance in just about every market, but especially in the vacation rental industry. With the ability to tailor our communications to guests’ preferences, we’re able to reach them however they like. That includes communicating with guests via text messages.

Since guests are more likely to open a text than they are an email, communicating with guests via text is an easier and more efficient way to reach them. Some guests may want the promptness of a phone call, but not want to speak on the phone. That’s okay! Our secure SMS texting platform allows us to do just that. Guests can communicate with us in real time about everything from general questions to maintenance requests. On the other hand, we can send texts to guests with rental information including door codes, directions, and more.

The ability to communicate with guests via text doesn’t just start as soon as they book with us. It can happen beforehand, too! Guests can be contacted via SMS at any stage in the booking stage, whether that’s how they prefer to book or they’d just like to be sent options for their vacation. We also have the ability to send mass texts to guests for promotions and alerts about weather and complex-wide maintenance.

Communicating with guests via SMS is just one of the ways we are able to leverage our innovative approach to technology! Visit to learn more about our vacation rental management services today.