Homemade Dessert at the Beach

Lemon Icebox Pie at the Beach ~ Southern Vacation Rentals With Florida vacation rentals open just in time for summer, everything finally feels perfect here on the Gulf Coast. Now is the time for family vacations, togetherness, and new memories at the beach. We've all been isolated lately and cooped up, but with great weather and vacation rentals open, we can finally get back to doing what we love - going to the beach! If you are looking for a recipe to bring for your next family reunion at the beach, our Lemon Icebox Pie recipe is perfect. This [...]

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A Cinco de Mayo Favorite

We're finally getting some good news that the beaches are opening up! Although you can only visit the beaches for limited hours, we're eager to get on the sand and see the waves for ourselves. It's just in time for summer festivities, like Cinco de Mayo and Memorial Day. While we can't say for certain that restaurants will be open in time for Cinco de Mayo, that doesn't mean you can't have your own fiesta celebration at home! [...]

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Celebrate 2020 With a Southern Tradition

Celebrate the New Year with a Southern tradition - ham, black-eyed peas, and collard greens. It's said that dining on black-eyed peas as your first meal on New Year's Day brings luck and prosperity, and who can say no to that? The collard greens symbolize wealth, so add an extra helping onto your plate. The ham adds a rich, salty flavor and can be removed afterward if you don't want to eat it. The best part of this quick recipe is that you can make it in one pot [...]

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The Best Cinnamon Rosemary Old Fashioned in Pensacola

Searching for a cocktail to jazz up your holiday party this season? Nothing says "timeless classic" like an Old Fashioned, but we've recently discovered a delightful way to spruce up an old favorite. By adding a cinnamon rosemary simple syrup and some festive garnishings, this drink will be holiday-ready in no time! Plus, it's easy to make and takes almost no time at all. The cinnamon and rosemary will have your kitchen smelling like Christmas all winter long! The idea of an Old Fashioned for the holiday season came from [...]

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Best Mac & Cheese in Destin

The Best Mac & Cheese in Destin ~ The Southern Scoop’s Recipe of the Month Everyone - and we mean everyone - has their own take on macaroni & cheese. Some like it baked, some like it straight out of the pot, and some like it broiled with breadcrumbs and parmesan on top. It's one of those recipes that's extremely personal and fun to pass down. The beautiful thing about mac & cheese is that you can make it a hundred different ways and it'll be different every single time. We love discovering new ways to enjoy mac & [...]

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The Best Baked Pimento Cheese in Orange Beach ~ The Southern Scoop’s Recipe of the Month

Best Baked Pimento Cheese in Orange Beach ~ The Southern Scoop’s Recipe of the Month Any time we go to a restaurant, if they have baked pimento cheese on the menu, we're ordering it. No matter where you order it, the sentiment is the same: a hot, creamy, delicious concoction of melted cheese and flavor. Scoop it out of a dish onto a warm pita or a fresh vegetable stick; there's no wrong way to enjoy it. Have you ever tried to make pimento cheese? It's just as easy to make as it is to enjoy. We got the [...]

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The Best Corn & Crab Bisque in Destin, Florida ~ The Southern Scoop’s Recipe of the Month

The Best Corn & Crab Bisque in Destin, Florida ~ The Southern Scoop's Recipe of the Month With fall just around the corner, we're looking forward to switching out our salads and chilled pastas in favor of richer dishes. Despite maintaining mild tempratures in the fall and winter on the Gulf Coast, we love warm comfort foods just as much as the next person! Of course, we're always looking for ways to incorporate seafood into our dishes - it wouldn't be a Southern Scoop recipe without seafood! This month, we made it our personal mission to discover the best [...]

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