Are you embarking on a Fort Walton Beach vacation this week? Pack your pirate gear. It’s time for one of the best local festivals of the year – Billy Bowlegs!

The Billy Bowlegs Pirate Festival turns 60 this year, ensuring we are in for a great festival this year. Billy has once again set his sights on the sandy white shores near your condo on Okaloosa Island. We implore you to come out and help us defend our charming city.

It has been Billy’s mission since the 1950’s to take control of the fair seas near Fort Walton Beach. Thanks to the efforts of our locals and visitors, however, the pirate crew has never gotten a foothold along the beach and this event has turned into a wonderful family-friendly celebration enjoyed by locals and visitors.

Billy will try again beginning June 4, 2015 when the various Krewers open the event and invite everyone to the Fort Walton Beach Landing to ‘Party with a Pirate’. In addition to a pub crawl for the adults, there will also be the Little Scallywags Pirate walk from 4-6pm through downtown for the little ones. On Friday, watch as Billy makes his first attempt on the city, with the second taking place Saturday, before Heritage takes the stage for live music and fireworks kick off at 9pm.

On Monday, line the streets of Eglin Parkway, located just over the Brooks Bridge from your Okaloosa Island condo rental, for the Torchlight Parade, where you can make off with lots of pirate booty. We hope to see you all at the Fort Walton Beach Landing for these fun, family events during the Billy Bowlegs Pirate Festival!