Best Mac & Cheese in Destin

Best Mac & Cheese in Destin

The Best Mac & Cheese in Destin ~ The Southern Scoop’s Recipe of the Month

Everyone – and we mean everyone – has their own take on macaroni & cheese. Some like it baked, some like it straight out of the pot, and some like it broiled with breadcrumbs and parmesan on top. It’s one of those recipes that’s extremely personal and fun to pass down. The beautiful thing about mac & cheese is that you can make it a hundred different ways and it’ll be different every single time. We love discovering new ways to enjoy mac & cheese, and on our quest to find the best mac & cheese in Destin, The Craft Bar didn’t disappoint. Their take is a little unique – mac & cheese bites! – but still a concoction that’s crunchy, creamy, and had us craving more. Although they’re an appetizer and (probably) meant to be shared, we could have each ordered our own and been as happy as can be. After all, what’s better than fried cheese and an equally-delicious dipping sauce?

Nothing. The answer is nothing.

If you’re hosting a holiday party in Destin or just want to try a new twist on comfort food, this recipe is for you. Be sure to check out our vacation homes in Destin, Florida that are perfect for your group. When you’ve found your home for the holidays, our team is here to help! In the meantime, check out our take on the best mac & cheese in Destin, and be sure to subscribe to our upcoming Southern Scoop newsletter!

What You’ll Need:

1 lb dried macaroni noodles 3 cups cheddar cheese 2 cups gouda
 1 1/2 cups half & half 2 tbsp unsalted butter 1/2 cup flour
4 eggs 1 cup breadcrumbs Avocado oil* for frying
Salt, to taste Pepper, to taste Garlic powder, to taste


  1. Combine the water, butter, salt, and pepper to a boil, then add the macaroni and cook until al dente. Stir occasionally so the pasta doesn’t stick.
  2. Reduce heat and add the half & half, cheddar, and gouda cheeses. Continue to stir the cheese as you add so it doesn’t clump.
  3. Once the cheese is melted and the pasta is just tender enough, transfer to a large bowl. Cover and chill for 2-4 hours until firm, or overnight.
  4. Heat a fryer or large skillet filled with about 1″ of avocado oil to 350 F, or medium-high heat.
  5. Using either a blender or food processor, run the breadcrumbs through just a few times to even out the texture. You can eliminiate this step if you’d like a thicker outer shell.
  6. Gather three shallow bowls and place the flour, eggs, and breadcrumbs in each. Add the garlic powder to the breadcrumbs.
  7. Scoop out your mac & cheese and shape into balls. Feel free to make as large or as small as you would like! Dip in the flour, eggs, and breadcrumbs, then repeat back to the eggs and the breadcrumbs. The macaroni should be fully coated after each dip.
  8. Carefully dip into the oil and fry for 30 seconds to 1 minute, until the outside is nice and brown and the inside is gooey.
  9. Plate and serve! These are delicious on their own or with just about any dipping sauce – we love slicing them open and serving with a spicy ranch.


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