Orange BeachDiscover the natural beauty of Coastal Alabama by exploring the Backcounty Trails that stretch across the area. If you are enjoying a stay in one of our stunning beachfront vacation rentals in Orange Beach or Gulf Shores area, be sure to check out this awesome local attraction!

If you are up for an adventure, take to the trails! Seven trails span across 15 miles of Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, and Gulf State Park. A variety of flowers and plant life inhabit the trails, but you also have the chance to see some wildlife as well. Wild boar, foxes, otters, coyotes, raccoons, armadillos, and even American Alligators have been spotted on the trail.

While you are there, be sure to visit the Pavilion and Butterfly Garden. Brightly colored flowers and fluttering butterflies make this area the perfect place to have a picnic, or walk the garden to take in the ambiance. The Pavilion offers a screened in area, where you can host parties or events while still enjoying the outdoors.

Also, don’t forget to go Geocaching! A relatively new feature at the Backcountry Trails is a geocaching game, which is a free app for your phone that takes you on a scavenger hunt. You just download the app and it helps you locate various boxes that have been strategically placed around the trail. The boxes are filled with “treasure” and you are encouraged to take something, leave something, and have fun while you are finding them!

Coastal Alabama is an amazing place. If you are staying in a vacation rental in Orange Beach,  the Backcountry Trails are something you must try! If you are considering visiting the area, and need a great deal on a vacation rental in Orange Beach or surrounding areas, contact us today to see what specials we have in store for you!