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Don’t Miss These New Properties!

Check Out These New Vacation Rentals in Destin, Panama City Beach, & More If you haven’t seen our New Properties page in the past few days, you may have missed out on a few incredible additions. We update this page on our website with new properties each week. Here at Southern, we take every opportunity possible to introduce new properties to guests as we are excited to have them join our rental inventory. The four vacation rentals listed below are available for a 2022 vacation, so you still can book a last-minute stay. However, it is also never too [...]

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Snowbirds It’s Not Too Early!

It’s Not Too Early to Start Planning Your Snowbird Getaway to the Gulf Coast Beat the migration and book your favorite Gulf Coast vacation rental before it is too late! It is time to start planning your 2023 Snowbird getaway to the Gulf Coast. There is so much to plan before you arrive including finding the perfect rental, discovering what events are in the area you choose to call home, and even deciding if members of your family are going to come down and join you during your stay. Continue reading for insight on how to successfully map out [...]

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Refreshing Summer Margarita!

Watermelon Margarita Recipe for Your Summer Vacation We are big fans of all things “watermelon” this summer! After the head index we all endured in June, we feel refreshed and energized after enjoying a slice of watermelon ~ bonus points if you put salt on the slice! To further enjoy our summer craving, we are going to craft the perfect watermelon margarita. Imagine heading inside after a long day on the beach, pouring yourself a vibrant cocktail, and heading out to your private balcony. Sip and savor the coastal sunsets reflecting on another blissful day on the shore. Continue [...]

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Are You Visiting During Snapper Season?

Where is the best place to catch Red Snapper? Red Snapper season is one of the most exciting 45 days along the Gulf Coast. Locals and visitors alike look forward to this time of the year. Red Snapper are fun to catch, beautiful to take pictures with, and delicious to eat. These three reasons are why the fishing season is so looked forward to and why it is so short. It is heavily regulated to ensure the species grow each year and continue to flourish in the Gulf of Mexico. This year, the season began on June 17th and [...]

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