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How to Plan Your Labor Day Vacation ~ The Southern Scoop

How to Plan Your Labor Day Vacation ~ The Southern Scoop With summer still in full swing, we're soaking up every second of sunshine we can get. We aren't quite ready for cooler weather just yet! Not to mention, there's still plenty of time for beach vacations and barbecues. Labor Day is just around the corner, and this is one of our favorite reasons to take a beach vacation. The Gulf Coast is full of local events for Labor Day weekend, so you can celebrate the long weekend from sunup to sundown. In this month's Southern Scoop, we're breaking [...]

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Fried Green Tomatoes & Bacon Jam ~ The Southern Scoop’s Featured Recipe

Fried Green Tomatoes & Bacon Jam ~ The Southern Scoop's Featured Recipe. Down in the South, we love fried green tomatoes. No, we're not talking about the 1991 classic movie starring Kathy Bates and Jessica Tandy. We're talking about actual fried green tomatoes! We believe everyone should try this Southern classic at least once in their lifetime, and especially with some bacon jam (but more on that later). Whether you're preparing these for an appetizer or party snack, our fried green tomatoes are sure to wow all your friends at the next get-together. They're crispy on the outside and [...]

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Explore 30A’s Underwater Museum of Art

Explore 30A's Underwater Museum of Art ~ Southern Vacation Rentals If you've ever vacationed out on Scenic 30A, you'll know there is no shortage of fun things to do on vacation. Each of the area's beach communities are filled with eclectic shopping, incredible dining, and art galleries full of pieces just waiting to be discovered. You may have seen it all, but did you know about 30A's Underwater Museum of Art? That's right! It's the nation's first underwater museum, located less than a mile off of Grayton Beach's shores and 60 feet below the surface. The underwater museum made [...]

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Rock Out at the Panama City Beach Gulf Coast Jam

Rock Out at the Panama City Beach Gulf Coast Jam ~ Southern Vacation Rentals Before we can say hello to fall, we've still got some weeks of summer left to savor! Fortunately, you haven't missed the boat on summer; there are lots of fun events on the Gulf Coast for you to enjoy before we welcome the autumn months. One of our favorite end-of-summer events is the Panama City Beach Gulf Coast Jam, held this year from August 30th - September 1st. Marrying country music, the beach, and a whole lot of fun, this event is not one to [...]

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We Found the Perfect Vacation Home for Fall Break

We Found the Perfect Vacation Home for Fall Break ~ Southern Vacation Rentals Now is the perfect time to start planning your fall break vacation! With open availability for some of our large beach homes in Navarre Beach, Destin, Pensacola, and more, you'll have your first pick of these beautiful homes when you start planning now. Get ahead of the curve! Not to mention, we're adding new vacation homes to our inventory regularly, so you'll always find somewhere new to stay every time you visit the Gulf. We managed to pin down what we consider the perfect vacation home [...]

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Best Barbecue Restaurants at the Beach

Best Barbecue Restaurants at the Beach ~ Southern Vacation Rentals Barbecue is not just for your backyard cookout anymore - down South, you're likely to find a barbecue joint on just about every corner. Everyone has their own favorite barbecue restaurant, but we have to contend that there is nothing like barbecue at the beach. That's right! Even at the beach, you'll find some of the best barbecue restaurants known to locals and visitors alike. It was tough, but we narrowed down our top favorites across each of our areas. So, even if you're staying in a Pensacola Beach [...]

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Try Red Snapper Fishing in Destin, Florida!

It's Time for Red Snapper Fishing in Destin, Florida ~ Southern Vacation Rentals Red snapper season is here, folks! Red snapper fishing in Destin is incredibly popular, and now that the season is in full swing, anglers of all ages have taken to Destin's waters in search of red snapper. There is still time to get in on red snapper fishing in Destin, as the state season lasts until July 12th. This is also the case for private fishing charters in the federal season, but for-hire vessels can fish for red snapper until August 1st. If a quota is [...]

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