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Gulf Coast Golfing

Looking for good deals on Gulf Coast golfing along the shore of Florida and Alabama? Look no further than the 200+ miles of coastline where Southern operates. In addition to the most beautiful beaches, each community offers an incredible collection of non-beach related activities and one of the most popular is golf. The mild climate and world class courses give our areas an advantage for year-round play.

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Winter Wonderland Sale: 30% Off By New Year’s Eve

Every year, as the holidays approach, we long for those special family moments. We envision baking cookies with the kids on Christmas Eve. Later, we'll settle in front of the television for a holiday classic. Then, it won't be long before we usher the kids off to bed and do Saint Nick's bidding. The following morning, their faces will light up as they race down the stairs to discover what's under the tree. This is the winter wonderland we've been dreaming of, and now until December 31, it's 30% off!

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Three Charming Spots on 30-A

While here for the Seeing Red Wine Festival, there are a few must-visit places along 30-A. You've likely heard about certain hot spots. For example,  the picturesque Seaside Post Office or humorously named Stinky's Fish Camp. Both of which warrant every note of praise. However,  some lesser known places boast unparalleled beauty, charm, and flavor.

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Three Gulf Coast Events We’re Thankful For

Today kicks off the most thankful month of the year. November boasts family gatherings and gratitude aplenty. One thing we're grateful for all year round are the amazing Gulf Coast events. This month, we can't wait for these events that make us even more thankful to live on the Gulf Coast of Northwest Florida and Coastal Alabama.

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