What is the fee for using your management company? It varies slightly according to property location and size. Our managers will be glad to quote you the fee upon seeing your property.

Do you have a special management rate for owner referrals? Yes.  We actually embrace the thought of working with owners who market their own rental unit.

Can the owner monitor activity of the rental property on-line? YES.  The OwnerLink option of our property management software allows owners to view and book reservations, monitor work orders, and print monthly statements directly on-line.

When is our rental income sent to us? Income is dispersed via direct deposit by the 10th of every month.

Does Southern Vacation Rentals manage any long-term leases for six months or more? Yes, through our sister company, Southern Residential Leasing.

What if I or a guest of mine wants to stay in my property? Our OwnerLink interface on-line makes it easy for you to reserve for yourself and your guests.